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Plant A Tree Program (PAT) is one of the Ministry of Tourism to promote the tourists who visit the homestay to plant trees as a sign of support for nature conservation (go green) in the homestay as well as to beautify the landscape surrounding the homestay. PAT program also aims to encourage tourist arrivals repeatedly (repeat visit) back to the homestay to see trees planted by them.

This program is an initiative of the development program of nursery seedlings (nursery) by the homestay operators. Implementation of tree nurseries to promote homestay homestay operators to venture into micro-businesses as well as to diversify the existing homestay activities. Among the types of children in the nursery trees are flowering plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants and forest herbs. The children of this plant will be used by visitors for planting young seedlings in the homestay.


This blog is for all who seek information about homestay in Terengganu. This blog will provide all the information you need about Homestay Terengganu.

Malaysia’s Homestay Programme was officially launched in 1995 at Desa Murni, Kerdau, Temerloh, Pahang. This programme is an initiative developed under the Rural Tourism Master Plan to encourage the participation of rural community in the tourism sector.

Homestay Programme is an experience where tourists stay with selected families, interact and experience the
daily life of these families whilst experiencing the Malaysian culture.

Mengkuang weaving

Art of weaving something can not be separated from the traditional ways of life in the Nusantara communities. From the mat to the wall protecting homes, work environment that form the weave can be seen everywhere. This is not surprising because many tropical plants are made of materials suitable for weaving. Overall, the basic skill in the art of weaving is not much different, just depending on the types of plants used for weaving materials. Which plants are the most widely used in the art of bamboo weaving, mengkuang, cane, thousands upon thousands, and stick. Different characteristics of this plant produces a variety of arts and weaving products.

    * Woven bamboo
* Woven pandanus and Mengkuang
* Woven Rattan
* Weaving Thousand upon thousands of
* Weaving stick


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Terengganu Traditional Songs


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